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DayZ-Servers.Com JavaScript API Example
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BALOTA BANDITS |150K Start|MoreCars|Loot+|Traider|Raid|Custom Mil|Expansion|ATM|Airdrops|SpawnSelect|New Server|

Custom Mil Custom Traders Nice mod selection More guns Extra loot Custom air drops More car spawns

EU based server


Server ip:

HOW TO PLAY Download & Install: Search Balota Bandits Download & Install Mods and press Play!


No racism

No disrespecting staff

No cheating (Obviously)

No stream sniping or meta gaming

Abuse of exploits will result in a ban

Combat Loggers will be banned

Max group size of 5, abusing a higher group size will result in a ban (You can ally but if more than 5 people are        defending/attacking a raid then you will all be banned)

No building within 850m from Coast & 1km from Military or Traders

No hoarding helis, helis should reflect your group size

Max three cars per base

Do not build on main roads

Do not take over bases / raided bases

No inventory stacking (Deploying tents inside of tents or any storage inside of storage)

No prop stacking to raid bases (This includes chopping down trees, boosting off players heads and other forms of stacking)

Camping a base for an extended period of time will be considered as toxic behaviour(edited)

Do not steal inside of traders

Do not follow people out of traders to kill them

Do not use Megaphones / hot mic in traders